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My name is Julie Boudewyns –
Soul Permission Coach

This is your spiritual sanctuary to come and experience alignment in all forms-
physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

I invite you to venture out of the box and join me in connecting
with Spirit in a deeper, more practical way.

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

 -Author Unknown


I worked with Julie for several months in 2020-2021 while I was going through a career transition. I had just wrapped up a year of coursework toward my new career, and Julie told me in her super direct and no B.S. style, “You don’t need any more school.” She repeatedly told me that I had everything I needed to move forward in life (and work) and didn’t need to keep defaulting to (or hiding behind) schooling. Instead, she wanted to see me focus on confidence, patience, and flexibility.

On the heels of that, I began interviewing for entry-level roles in my new career path, and I was met with a lot of unexpected resistance. The hiring managers literally told me, one after another, “You should consider getting an advanced degree. You really need to get a Master’s.” I was blindsided by this, and at first I was super pissed. I kept thinking to myself, “But Julie said I didn’t need any more school. WTF.” Once I was done being pissed, I felt my perspective begin to change. “They are wrong about me,” I told myself. “I’m calling B.S. on them. Julie said I have everything I need. And I agree with her. I have everything I need already.”

I took a step back and both intellectually and spiritually knew it wasn’t supposed to look like this. I wasn’t supposed to force my way in, jump through hoops, or be met with this kind of resistance. The universe was showing me this wasn’t the right time, the right way, the right people, the right companies.

So I took a few months away from the job hunt to engage those three lessons Julie had been trying to drill into me. Confidence. Patience. Flexibility.

And wouldn’t you know it, an opportunity dropped into my lap a few months later. An INCREDIBLE opportunity that didn’t require more school, with people who could see my capabilities right away, in an industry that I am passionate about, using the skills that I had spent the last year learning.

Julie’s coaching was paramount. It wouldn’t have looked like this without Julie on my side. I am the proud owner of some increased confidence, lots of flexibility, and a tiny bit more patience (that one is a work-in-progress.) I start my dream job on Monday.:) Thank you Universe and Julie!

– Becqi S.