• Reiki Healing

  • $120Per hour
  • Align your mind, body & spirit with an intuitive reiki energy healing. Energy healings help promote the natural flow within the body, reduces stress and most importantly restores physical & emotional well-being. Each session includes messages from Spirit and practical tools to help you connect with your higher self.

  • Distant Reiki Healing

  • $110Per hour
  • The magic & beauty of energy is it travels wonderfully! Reiki healings can be done from anywhere, like the comforts of your home. I work with clients all over the globe by tapping into their energetic field while they sit back and relax from afar. The healing benefits are the same as an in person session, you just don’t get to see my lovely face.
  • Psychic Development

  • $120Per hour
  • My specialty is introducing you to your unique gifts & understanding how they work. Being able to access your own psychic gifts is truly priceless. During this session we connect with your personal team of Angels and Guides to open up the communication lines. You will also receive practical tools to use in your everyday life to be more consistent with your connection. Our third eye is a muscle that needs to be conditioned so consistency is key here.
  • Phone Readings

  • $110Per hour
  • $70 (30 minutes)

    Getting a personal reading can help with clarity & guidance on what’s happening around you and also allow you to connect with loved ones that have passed.

  • Akashic Reading & Clearing

  • $145Per hour
  • Add a reiki healing for an additional $50 (90 minutes)

    The Akashic Records is considered “The Book of Life” that holds all of our life’s choices over each life time. I work closely with the Record Keepers to look into your book of lifeto help shine light on why you may be having certain experiences in this life time. The goal here is to look for certain patterns, subconscious limiting beliefs, vows or contracts you have made in previous lives that could be limiting you in this life. With the help of reiki energy, I release & heal these traumas in the records to allow the karmic cycle to end. This reading also provides you with information of who you are on a soul level and how to lean into your best traits and also how to balance the not so great ones known as your shadow areas. A report is emailed to you after our session. This reading is not to see who you were in a past life. The Record Keepers that I work with do not use this for entertainment purposes, but rather a way to live from your higher self in truest form.

  • The Wounded Light

  • $120Per hour
  • Healing Emotional Trauma 

    This is an in-depth look at emotions that have been trapped in the body through a traumatic experience. These emotions can act as anchors keeping us trapping in reoccurring experience & blocking us from moving forward. In these sessions we work within the physical body through reiki to find the emotions causing the blockages, we then use the Akashic Records to release the trapped emotions and finish with Stardust Light to fill in the missing pieces. 

    • Grief/Loss
    • Relationships
    • Self Worth
    • Health
    • Financial
    • Career
    • Traumatic Experience

Private Parties

Have an amazing experience with just your friends & family! I can come to your home or you can set up time at the center. Private parties are custom to your needs so pricing is based on hours, guests and what services you would like. You can pick from:

  • Gallery or private readings
  • Group meditations
  • Individual or Group reiki healings
  • Himalayan Salt Cave Meditation & Healing

Package me up!

This is a journey and sometimes we want it all! First, I would say go hit up the Mentoring page to see if that is a good fit. Next I say tell me what you want and let’s see if I can’t custom build a package for you. Psychic development and reiki level I? Hell yes, perfect combo! Akashic reading & reiki healing? Excellent choice for a mega reboot! The possibilities can be endless and I am here to help, give a shout or drop me an email.